Pregnancy Sex Guide: Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Pregnancy sex is both adventurous and pleasurable for both men and women.

 More than man, a woman feels the urge to have sex during pregnancy sometimes because of hormonal changes in her body.

According to hire a pornstar, With a little care and knowledge, you can have a good sex routine during your pregnancy with proper safety measures.

There are three trimesters or phases of pregnancy and each trimester has a different effect on your body thus depending on your trimester or time pf pregnancy, sex positions changes. book a pornstar recommends these sex positions to have good pregnancy sex.

There is a great saying “every sex is good as long as it gives pleasure without any harm”, and with a little care and precautions, you can have great sex during pregnancy.

Escorts recommended Sex positions during pregnancy

Some sex positions can give you sexual pleasure without giving any load to the womb or baby. These are:-

  • Scissors:- scissors is a good sex position for both male and female as it gives deeper penetration and good orgasms without giving burden on the belly.
  • Cross buttocks:- in cross buttocks, your partner hold your legs in crossed position over their shoulder giving you a resting position. las vegas pornstar recommend this position as in this your whole body is at resting position giving you a safe angle for sex.

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