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What’s Risky Sex?

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What’s risky sex? It is the act of having unprotected sexual intercourse. The other person does not necessarily have to be covered in it but there should be some form of protection or it could be considered unsafe sex. It’s defined as unprotected sex if either person is at a greater risk for getting an STD (sexually transmitted disease). There are ways to still enjoy sex without becoming infected by STDs.

According to indian escorts some people think that having multiple partners increases the risk of STDs because there is more possibility of disease-carrier infection. This is true for casual sex, but not so much for having anal, oral, or vaginal sex. This is because the multiple partners only allows one to contract an STD. Having anal, oral, or vaginal sex with multiple partners also carries the same risks as when having sex with only one. The only difference is that multiple partners carry the same potential risk of catching STDs.

So what’s risky sex? The answer is anytime you have sex, no matter who is involved. It may not seem to make sense, but it is true: Having multiple partners increases the risks.

What’s the easiest way to find out if you are one of those people who has multiple partners or at risk for contracting STD’s? Go to a gynecologist and have a pap smear. You may have the results within minutes. Do not worry; this is not the examination you read about in medical journals.

A normal Pap smear involves a visual examination of the cervix for abnormalities. For women, a visual examination of the vagina is done. Both can be done by the use of a laparoscope.

Using a condom is not just what’s risky sex? Condoms do not prevent STDs. They can help protect you from unwanted pregnancies, but they do not decrease the risk of STD’s. If you use condoms, you must be sure that your partner is also using one.

Many people assume that you only use your own bare genitals when having sex with a new partner. That is wrong! All persons should use a condom. The use of a condom will decrease the risk of getting STDs by one-half. In fact, when used correctly condoms will actually reduce the risk of death due to STD’s by 50%. The most recent research indicates that over 18% of all sexually active college students use some form of condom.

What’s risky sex? Knowing what’s risky sex is only part of the equation. It does not address the types of sex that are the cause of STD’s. Condom use is one way to prevent STDs, but other types of sexual activity are the real problem.

What’s risky sex? It’s the way we talk about it. We may joke about it or make fun of those who are unfortunate to become afflicted with STD’s, but the reality is that we do not view those with STD’s as “dirty” people. We look at them as individuals who may have made poor choices. That is why it is important to talk about the subject and learn more about the subject of what’s risky sex and educate others about it.

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